Michał Sidor (Michcioperz)

a fairly versatile programmer with hobbies

the nickname explains the domain

I also have a more serious website

Head over to michcioperz.com for a concise look at my life and perhaps even some reasonable contact info.

I write code

This is a lengthy one, TODO.

Feel free to look at my overlengthy Github meanwhile.

I buy random CDs in the name of "preservation of culture"

Whether it's Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, Sia's This Is Acting, Muse's Resistance or Man With A Mission's Dead End in Tokyo — if I like a single track from the album and think it's worth saving in the event of Internet breakdown, I'll buy.

I like anime

Here are some things I can surely recommend:

I run a small fleet of servers

Here's the current list:

Name Relevant anime character Hosting company Location
Aoba Aoba Suzukaze Arubacloud Slough, Berkshire, UK (Aruba DC6)
Megumin Megumin Scaleway Amsterdam, NL
Hifumin Hifumi Takimoto Arubacloud Warsaw, Poland (Aruba DC8)
Kino Kino Nazwa.pl probably Poland

I think JavaScript should be optional and opt-in, not opt-out

But that's also a long story I haven't told in a reasonable way anywhere else.